Sunday, January 6, 2008

Andrew Bynum Still Rolling

Last night Andrew Bynum continued to show the league that the Lakers made the right move in hanging on to him last season. Bynum dominated Jermaine O'Neal and helped the Lakers blow out Pacers.

Here's a classic clip from Bynum's rookie season that first showed us the kind of potential that he had.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Celtics Talking Too Much Trash?

Sorry for not having any new content yesterday, I got hit by a nasty case of food poisoning (thanks In-N-Out) and was out of commission all day.

In his recent ESPN chat David Thorpe made a few comments about how much trash the Celtics are talking out on the court. Could this have been a factor in Lamar Odom's flagrant foul on Ray Allen?

While Odom himself listed several reasons for the foul, he didn't mention trash talk. Still, the Celtic's frustrating defense, combined with the trash talk and their habit of blowing out opponents probably doesn't sit too well with other teams in the league.

Of course, trash talking is part of the mental side the game. It can be seen as crude at times, but the general idea is to get in your opponent's head while boosting your own confidence at the same time. Some of the best players that the game has ever seen were notorious trash talkers, such as Michael Jordan and Gary Payton.

Still, there are many who see trash talking as unsportsmanlike, as something that should be left on the playgrounds and removed from the professional game. It gives the impression that the player is arrogant and conceited, which doesn't help the NBA in their never-ending quest to remove the "gangster" or "thug" element from the game.

We have already seen the NBA crack down on things like taunting, hanging on the rim, arguing with referees, and other actions that would be considered bad behavior. Accordingly, trash talking seems to have declined from it's hayday in the late 90's. If the Celtics are saying a few things here and there to their opponents then so be it. It hasn't gotten out of hand yet, and if the chatter on the floor is helping Boston take their game to a new level then the NBA needs to let it go.

The rest of the league needs to understand that the way to hurt a trash talking team is on the scoreboard, not with flagrant fouls and overly physical play, which we saw when the Celtics took on the Kings. Until someone does that the Celtics have every right to talk.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Artest Can Fix The Knicks-2008 Off To Strange Start

Can 2008 get any weirder? On New Years Day Mickael Pietrus said that he wants to be traded to a team that plays closer to the West Indies. Yes, the same Mickael Pietrus that plays for the Golden State Warriors, aka the most exciting team in the league. Of course, Pietrus' defensive skills don't mesh that well with Nellie-ball, but still, you just don't hear of many players looking to leave the Warriors right now.

Then Andrew Bogut came out with the brilliant idea to Google "learning how to win" in order to help his Milwaukee Bucks. Wow, if only they had thought of that sooner!

To top it all off, Ron Artest has stated that he can turn around the New York Knicks. Don't get me wrong, I think that Ron Artest is a very talented player,but he is also just about as crazy as they come. At this point the Knicks are crazy enough on their own. Adding Artest should be the last thing on Isaiah Thomas' mind right now.

At the very least, this news should add an interesting element to tonight's Knicks vs. Kings game at the Garden. Artest is out of action due to elbow surgery, but the MSG crowd will probably have something to say to Thomas about Artest anyway.

The question is do things just get stranger from here?

Edit: No joke, Mark Madsen is considering buying a gun. Now I'm really scared.

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Warriors vs. Mavs

Here's a cool video I found on the Warriors vs. Mavs first round playoff series from last year. The two sides meet up again tonight in Dallas. Should be a good one!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ariza Dunk On Hill

I figure that putting up a picture of one of the nastiest dunks of the season thus far would be a great way to kick off 2008. Grant Hill still contends that this was an offensive foul, despite video replays that clearly show that it wasn't.

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